Tuesday, May 10, 2016

To Music

Today’s writing prompt is to put my iPod on shuffle and record my thoughts on the first five songs that play. I love music, so I’m super excited about this one. Here goes:

War Song, O.A.R.
So thrilled to hear this. I haven’t listened to O.A.R. in a while, and now I’m wondering why that is. I saw them sing this live last July 4th at Pearl Harbor and it was pretty heavy hearing this song there, surrounded by so many who have been to battle and still carry the scars from it. Marc Roberge said they were inspired to write this after doing some shows for the troops in Afghanistan. I started learning it on ukulele the day after the concert. I honestly practiced it non-stop for hours until I had it down cold. I haven’t picked up the ukulele in a while, and now I’m wondering why that is. Note to self: listen to more O.A.R., play more ukulele.
Favorite line: No one else is there, there’s no one left to fight, just me among my things

Crash into Me, Dave Matthews Band
Holy crap, it’s the nineties again! I’m in college, sitting in my dorm room, listening to Dave Matthews on my boom box. I actually just bought this on iTunes last year because I couldn’t find the CD that I know I own. I can totally see the case that’s broken and missing the top plastic piece, but the paper insert is still on top of the CD. Who has it??? I really just bought it again on iTunes because I was jonesing to hear #41, I’m not too terribly crazy about this track. I think the radio played it out too much back in the day.
Favorite line: I’m bare-boned and crazy for you

Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen
SKIP! This is Daughter’s song. OMG, I’ll be singing it all day! Thanks a lot shuffle! I need to introduce that kid to some good music…
Favorite line (just because it’s hilarious!): Your stare was holdin’, ripped jeans, skin was showin’, hot night, wind was blowin’ [SHOOT ME NOW!]

Joy Ride, Killers
Geez, I can’t believe it took four songs to get to the Killers. I thought all five would be Killers. This is just okay for me. Actually, I kind of want to skip it too. It’s the Killers so I'm obligated to love it, but if it were by someone else it would just be…meh. I do run to this, though. It’s got a nice tempo going for it, I will say that.
Favorite line: When your hopes and dreams lose the will to glow, joy ride [yeah...not their best work...]

Give Me Time, Dawes
I haven’t listened to Dawes in a while either. I need to hit shuffle more often. I started listening to Dawes because I heard they were like a cross between Jackson Browne and Neil Young and any comparison to Jackson Browne will have me heading over to iTunes in a flash! They’re not quite up to Jackson standards, but not too shabby. Good music for when I want to chill out hardcore.
Favorite line: If there’s one thing you could give to help me show you all that’s mine, give me time

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